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    Our Wow Wow West Story
    Our journey begins decades ago, when we were a small humble stall at Raffles Institution selling western food to the young fellas. It was always sold-out by the end of recess time, and some would come back for second servings.
    Today, we are privileged and honored to connect with our customers every day with our food. Our business model is designed to provide customers with various western food choices and has proven successful results in surpassing the classic brick and mortar western food restaurants.
    Our first stall made its first debut in 2012 and won the hearts of the surrounding neighborhood areas within a heartland location.
    Similarly, to all food companies startup, many are usually ambitious yet unaware of the potential risks. At Wow Wow West, we believed strongly in addressing all teething issues and creating a stabilized environment for thriving business owners like yourself. We are also highly aware that a successful business requires more than monetary investment – often, a point we would remind our franchisees, that their dedication and commitment would play a big part.
    An aware winning business, nestled within the heartlands, we offer budding business owners an opportunity to leverage on our homegrown, local brand.
    In year 2020, at the peak of Covid-19 pandemic, albeit the circuit breaker situation and uncertainties, we achieved astounding revenue results and maintain our mission to continue providing great food in a clean environment and at a reasonable price.
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